Winter Take Away Preston | A List of Excuses

As much as we won’t admit it, more and more of us every year go into heathy eating over drive at this time because we’re prepping for the ‘festive weight gain’. But why?

Living a healthy lifestyle is completely reasonable & sensible too. But it’s no reason to deprive yourself of anything resembling good tasting, warm food in the run up to Christmas. This is not the time of year for salad.

Take Away Preston 1

Although takeaway usually screams greasy & unhealthy. Their are actually plenty of Indian dishes that go unnoticed for being surprisingly low fat and beneficial to your health. This is just one of many excuses as to why you absolutely deserve a take away this winter. We won’t judge if you accidentally purchase a few not-so-low-fat side orders

Take Away Preston 2

It’s winter, salad is just a big fat no no. After a long day of being out in the cold (even if you were only out there less than 10 minutes) you deserve a nice hot meal to come home to. Or better yet, come home with.

Take Away Preston 4

After a day in the cold, wouldn’t it be nice to know you can eat a hot dinner as soon as you walk through the door? Order over the phone, set off, pick it up, go home & in just  few easy steps – dinner is served.

Take Away Preston 5

Not to mention that everything is absolutely delicious, traditional Indian cuisine. Whether you like a bold, spicy dish with lots of flavours or a smooth milder dish with a bold taste, there’s guaranteed to be a winter warmer for you.

Take Away Preston 6

Oh, saving the excuse of cost for last? Every item of out menu is 15% off when you order take away. So no more excuses, order now!

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