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Special Requirements For Private Affairs

Here at East Z East in Preston, we have somewhere to host your special occasion.

We can cater for up to 180 people and our dedicated team of staff work with you to create the most memorable evening imaginable!

From large weddings and corporate events, to an intimate dinner for a small group, we have both the staff, experience and facilities needed to deliver your superb event.
EastZeast Preston is famously known for its authentic Punjabi style of cooking.
We are also well known for our private event experience. With great staff, offering a fabulous variety of food buffets and banquet menus, to decadent desserts what’s not to love?

In addition, all our menus can also be altered to suit your needs.

Our highly experienced kitchen staff are always happy to cater for all dietary requirements – simply let us know and we’ll deliver for you. Our banquet menu is the most popular option for our events. We are not only known for our delicious food but also for providing guests with an authentic Punjabi experience with our fantastic our interior design.

Contact us now to find out about parking. Now, there’s no need to worry about anything.

If you would like to hold your own private event at EastZeast, then please don’t hesitate to contact us on:

East Z East Preston ensures guests have a completely care free and relaxed night.

Top 5 Low-Fat Indian Dishes

Low-fat Indian Dishes may seem slightly few & far between. We went through our menu, as well as reading up on nutritionist advice, to pick out the top picks for those of us who are watching our waistlines this year.


Shop & Stop

Christmas shopping is anything but an easy task and can actually be quite draining. Everyone in the whole population of the city you live in seems to be doing their shopping on the same day as you, how rude. It’s only fair to give yourself something to look forward to after a hard day’s work.


Reasons To Try Something New This Christmas

Christmas is coming up quick and while many people are setting up their shopping lists for the traditional Christmas dinner, many people have decided to give up the Roast Dinner stress for this year. More people across Britain each and every year are choosing to put down the carving knifes and leave the preparation to someone else. But why?


The Best Wines To Have With Indian Cuisine

Fancy a wine with your next fantastic EastZEast meal but have no idea wich to choose from? How will you be ever able to decide upon the hundreds of wines which one will be the best for you? We asked a Sommelier, Roger Horwich, which wines does he think will go well with the peppers and spice used in Currys and Dry meals at your favourite restaurant, EastZEast Preston.

White Wine

“If you prefer a white wine, Gewurztraminer pairs well with the peppers used in spicy foods as the sweetness in the wine helps cool down the taste buds and can compliment the food really nicely” ~ Roger Horwich


Gewurztraminer a sweet white wine from Alscase, France. We’d recommend the Gewurztraminer – Arthur Metz from the EastZEast wine menu. This wine displays the characteristic spicy, floral aromas of Gewurztraminer. Soft, fresh, grapey fruit.

Red Wine

“My personal preference with spicy food is a strong Red Wine. Since Punjabi food is so flavourful you need a strong wine sometimes so you can appreciate the wine and the food separate from one another. One of my favourite grapes is a Shiraz. The Jacob Creek and Jarrah Wood Shiraz both suit Indian food very well as the spices don’t mask the strong and delicious flavours of the two wines.” ~ Roger Horwich


Shiraz usually has a blackcurrant tone with a hint of pepper to create an incredible, unique flavour. The Shiraz grape originates from the city of Shiraz in Iran but as it is now a Muslim country they don’t make it anymore and is instead produced by countries such as Austrailia and South Africa. We recommend the Jarrah Wood Shiraz. This classic Australian Shiraz is packed with ripe cherry and raspberry flavours with a pepper spice finish.

“If Shiraz or Gewurztraminer isn’t really your thing I’d say your last good option would be a Spanish Rioja. I shouldn’t really be saying this is the last option as Rioja is one of my favourite wines! This incredible mix of fruitiness and freshness makes this grape suit any big meat eater. If you’re the type of person to order lamb chops from EastZEast like myself and other red meats then this is the wine for you!” ~ Roger Horwich


Rioja is a bold, fruity wine which if you’re a lover of wine then you must be a lover of Rioja! Rioja originates from the region of Rioja in Spain and is one of the most famous wines there is. We’d recommend the Faustino Rivero Ulecia Crianza – Rioja. This wine has matured in American oak casks for 12-14 months and has spicy aromas with moderate tannins on the palate.

Will you be trying one of our recommended wines? To see the full wine list for EastZEast Preston click here

Indian Cuisine: Fact and Fiction

There are so many misconceptions out there about indian food. If you ask someone to describe the cuisine they are likely to use words such as spicy, hot or curry. Many people believe that indian food is fatty, that it is bad for your health, that it is difficult to cook and is too time consuming. However, you should know that this cuisine is HIGHLY misunderstood.

Indian food has spanned thousands of years and during this time, it had taken well in evolving and improving it’s form. It is also a prime example of how culture is able to absorb other foreign influences yet hold it’s own. Blending spices is considered a delicate art but indian food had taken it for it’s own and had honed it to perfection. It has also been a common practice to use fresh ingredients and start the dishes from scratch, meaning there are less preservatives used.

Having said that, here are some of the top misconceptions about indian food:

All Indian dishes are spicy

This is the most talked about misunderstanding. It’s true that they have spices but most of them won’t make dishes hot. The only spice that creates food prepared in Indian recipes hot is chili. However, it should be noted that all dishes don’t include chilies. When you need to taste food that uses chilies as a spice, you have got the choice to ask the restaurant staff to serve you with a mild dish. Besides, you also have the choice to undertake a similar food within which chilies aren’t used as a spice.

All Indian food is fatty and unhealthy

Although some curry dishes do have a high fat content, several dishes supply a well-balanced and attractive,nutritional meal. This food is crammed full of vibrant vegetables and spices which provide great health advantages while providing a rich, flavourful dish. Ingredients like garlic, ginger and turmeric are all well-known for their positive impact on our health.

All Indian food contains curry powder

This is another misconception you come to hear fairly often. It’s true that Indian food carry curry powder most frequently, however they’re used mostly in curries. Curry powder is used solely in dishes in which it’s an essential ingredient for providing the taste the particular food must provide. Curry powder is a mixture of various kinds of spices. There’s no standard recipe for this lovely additive that could enhance the taste of a number of the dishes. Every family in India uses curry powder but the proportions used differ from individual to individual. Once they add these differing kinds of curry powder into their dishes, they become totally different in taste and flavour. Therefore, there’s no truth in believing that all Indian preparation carries curry powder. It should also be remembered that there are certain recipes that don’t carry curry powder at all.

So, don’t go by hearsay and common opinion. Dive in and discover for yourself, the amazing world of Indian cuisine. Our staff at East Z East Preston are ready to talk you through any dishes you may have questions about. It is a journey you will never regret!