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Indian Side dishes are so unbelievably underrated. Everyone has the most popular & ‘obvious’ go-to dishes. For example, Onion Bhajis, Samosas or perhaps Bombay Potatoes. But if you consider yourself a foodie and need to try a bit of everything, there are 5 Indian Side Dishes you simply cannot miss out on.


The 10 Most Popular Indian Dishes in the UK

Think of your most favourite Indian dish. Some have become so popular over the years that they’re pretty much marked as an English dish. Year on year thousands of Brits order Indian take out, go to Indian restaurants & cook Indian recipes. So out of all that, what are the most popular Indian dishes in the UK?


The Science Behind Indian Food

So a bunch of scientist who obviously just love to eat got together to try to figure out why Indian Food Recipes are known for making the most perfect food known to man kind. That’s right, Indian food is just so wonderful that even the science guys needed to know ‘Why’?

Over 2,500 recipes were tested and it turns out, that Indian food is just the most wonderful, magical thing. Why? Well, unlike many other food groups, like for example more Western food, none of the ingredients in each of the Indian Food Recipes contain matching “Flavour Compounds”.


A Flavour Compound is what makes up the taste in each ingredient. In easier terms, it’s what gives each ingredient it’s distinct taste – whether that be sweet, spicy or sour.


Whereas many other cultures tend to play it safe in terms of matching up hot, sweet & spicy flavours, Indian food recipes get their distinct taste from matching up ingredients that come from almost opposite flavour compounds, also known as “negative food pairing”.

Indian Food Recipes 3

Around 194 ingredients go into Indian Recipes in an endless number of combinations. Each ingredient falls into a different category – whether it be Herbs, Spices, Meat, Seeds etc. Each and every ingredient is hand picked and placed into each Indian Recipe to make the perfect combination for that dish.

indian food
So as it turns out, putting a seemingly unflattering & almost random set of flavours & compounds together works to create a truly unforgettable taste.

Shop & Stop

Christmas shopping is anything but an easy task and can actually be quite draining. Everyone in the whole population of the city you live in seems to be doing their shopping on the same day as you, how rude. It’s only fair to give yourself something to look forward to after a hard day’s work.


The Best Wines To Have With Indian Cuisine

Fancy a wine with your next fantastic EastZEast meal but have no idea wich to choose from? How will you be ever able to decide upon the hundreds of wines which one will be the best for you? We asked a Sommelier, Roger Horwich, which wines does he think will go well with the peppers and spice used in Currys and Dry meals at your favourite restaurant, EastZEast Preston.

White Wine

“If you prefer a white wine, Gewurztraminer pairs well with the peppers used in spicy foods as the sweetness in the wine helps cool down the taste buds and can compliment the food really nicely” ~ Roger Horwich


Gewurztraminer a sweet white wine from Alscase, France. We’d recommend the Gewurztraminer – Arthur Metz from the EastZEast wine menu. This wine displays the characteristic spicy, floral aromas of Gewurztraminer. Soft, fresh, grapey fruit.

Red Wine

“My personal preference with spicy food is a strong Red Wine. Since Punjabi food is so flavourful you need a strong wine sometimes so you can appreciate the wine and the food separate from one another. One of my favourite grapes is a Shiraz. The Jacob Creek and Jarrah Wood Shiraz both suit Indian food very well as the spices don’t mask the strong and delicious flavours of the two wines.” ~ Roger Horwich


Shiraz usually has a blackcurrant tone with a hint of pepper to create an incredible, unique flavour. The Shiraz grape originates from the city of Shiraz in Iran but as it is now a Muslim country they don’t make it anymore and is instead produced by countries such as Austrailia and South Africa. We recommend the Jarrah Wood Shiraz. This classic Australian Shiraz is packed with ripe cherry and raspberry flavours with a pepper spice finish.

“If Shiraz or Gewurztraminer isn’t really your thing I’d say your last good option would be a Spanish Rioja. I shouldn’t really be saying this is the last option as Rioja is one of my favourite wines! This incredible mix of fruitiness and freshness makes this grape suit any big meat eater. If you’re the type of person to order lamb chops from EastZEast like myself and other red meats then this is the wine for you!” ~ Roger Horwich


Rioja is a bold, fruity wine which if you’re a lover of wine then you must be a lover of Rioja! Rioja originates from the region of Rioja in Spain and is one of the most famous wines there is. We’d recommend the Faustino Rivero Ulecia Crianza – Rioja. This wine has matured in American oak casks for 12-14 months and has spicy aromas with moderate tannins on the palate.

Will you be trying one of our recommended wines? To see the full wine list for EastZEast Preston click here

History of Punjabi food

Everyone wants food to survive and each culture has distinctive and special traditions close the gathering, preparation, and consumption of food. The geographical area region of India, is one in every of South Asia’s largest producers of food and therefore the Punjabi folks are glorious for the range of foods they eat. Punjab, India is found in South Asia. As a district, South Asia typically refers to the countries in Asia that are south of the mountain chain Mountains and lengthening to the ocean.

This usually includes Asian country, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar, and therefore the islands of Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka and therefore the Maldives. geographical area could be a state within the northwest a part of India and part of a bigger geographical area region that extends intoWest Pakistan. The geographical area region was split between India and West Pakistan within the Partition of 1947.geographical area or Punjab is translated as “the land of 5 rivers” and is thought jointly of the foremost fertile regions of the planet and is India’s greatest provider of wheat.

The folks living within the geographic region of India are primarily Sikh whereas some are Hindu. Sikhism, the world’s fifth largest faith, could be a discipline that emphasises theism, or belief in one god, and equity between all folks exemplified by community sharing, particularly sharing of food.

Hinduism, the world’s third largest faith and most typical faith in India, could be a philosophy of life that has ideas of karma and darma. Darma includes a powerful decision to duty and obligation, karma could be a philosophy that emphasises universal laws of nature. Hinduism isn’t outlined by one belief however instead is characterised by it tolerance and acceptance of multiple beliefs. a awfully tiny minority of individuals living within the geographical geographic area region are Muslim as most of the Muslims living within the Indian portion of the geographical area migrated north to West Pakistan once the Partition of 1947.

Why curries are good for you!

Most curries have lots of spices what contain strong anti-bacterial properties. This is because the dishes are originally from hot countries, where the meat needs to be preserved and kept fresh. Turmeric, Cumin, Allspice, Cardamon, Ginger, Garlic and Capsicum are a few of the great spices.

Here’s how the spices/curries can help you:

Ginger – Can act as a impressive pain reliever from arthritis, it also comes as a supplement called Zinaxin. Ginger also is a traditional cold remedy and contains antioxidants gingerol, shagaol and zingerone.

Curcumin – Recent study from USA showed that eating turmeric which is a active compound in Curcumin can slow down the build up of plaques on the brain – the main cause of Alzheimer’s. It also has strong anti-inflammatory properties.

Mango chutney – This has high levels on vitamins in which fight stomach acidity and a great blood cleanser.

Onions – Prompts the body to make more of a agent diallyl sulphide which is a cancer-fighting molecule.

Garlic – Has a wide range of health benefits, including protecting the heart by lowering cholesterol to help purify the blood. Also it contains allicin which is a anti-cancer agent. Increases the protection from stomach cancer by creating the production of enzymes in the stomach.

Cumin – This spice contains something called phytochemicals a chemical which is found in plants. It has been found to block various hormone actions and metabolic pathways what link into the development of cancer and heart disease. A study was carried out in Israel and that showed that the patients consuming high levels of cumin were less likely to develop prostate cancer.

Allspice – This is used in a lot of curries and also in Indian cooking, it contains eugenol, an antioxidant that enhances the digestive trypsin which aids digestion.

Cardamon – This comes in seeds and is to be considered to be a strong antiseptic and antimicrobial spice. Can also help relieve flatulence.

Capsicum – Main phytochemical found in red peppers. It works as an anti-inflammatory, reduces cholesterol in the liver and can be used for arthritis relief, although eating this spice would have the same effect as cooking with it.